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1.Company Profile

Compomax Ceramic, precise and exquisite.


Mission: Contributing to the world with better measurable advanced ceramic material, components and products.  


Vision:  Compomax is pursuit of the opportunity of better life to the society.


(1) Introduction:

Shenzhen Compomax Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2008 and currently is one of the largest modern precision ceramic companies in Guangdong province. With the continuous efforts of research and development as well as strict production quality control, Compomax has supplied its high-precision ceramic products to North American, Europe, Australia and other developed countries. The positive feedbacks and satisfaction has encouraged Compomax to continuously provide the advance solution of ceramic materials, components and products. At present, as a domestic precision ceramic production enterprises owning advanced technology with patents, Compomax is leading the industry with pragmatic and innovative spirit. Our products are widely used in Lithium Batter, Sand Mill parts, Medical Equipment, Electronic Cigarette, Watches, Ornaments, Daily Commodities, etc. 

The plant of Compomax locates at Dongguan High-Tech Park, and there are over 200 sets of ceramic professional equipment, 3 lines of 16-meter high temperature pushed slab kilns in our 10000 square meters production workshop. Consequently, we are able to produce 24 tons of zirconia products annually. Our goods have been exported to Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and other oversea markets. We assure the excellence of each ceramic piece by putting professional and careful effort into every production stage, from designing, developing, molding making and blank.


(2) Technology and Capabilities

Over more than 10 years, we have accumulated a depth of experience and know-how in our R&D and production divisions and possess an abundance of core technologies. Combining these skills, we still put 20% of annual turnover into R&D each year and obtained numbers of patents. We meet customer requests using new technology and new product development, seamless mass-production capability and strong problem-solving capabilities.


(3) Creating New Value

Compomax supports its customers' technological innovations by continuously creating new value and providing a wide range of creative ceramic products to the world. 

2008 Electronic and Semiconductor parts

2010 Industrial, bearing and Auto parts

2012 Civilians goods and ornaments

2014 for now, Sand mill parts and others


(4) Patent Certificate


2.Specialized in Zirconia


Zirconia ceramic is the most hardness precision ceramic material, which is highly used to industrial parts and cutters. It has the feature of resistance of high impact, excellent wear, high temperature, oxidation, insulation and also anti-corrosion, never rust, and other excellent performance. Single-crystal zirconia is also prized as a jewel, as its refractive index creates a diamond-like-brightness. 



Hardness---Excellent hardness in high temperature

Wear resistance--- Suitable grade for high toughness

Easy to clean--- Impermeable surface, the dirt difficult adhere on surface

Prevent Electrostatic--- Suitable for dust-free areas

Corrosion Resistance--- Excellent durability corrosion resistance, anti acid and oxidation

  • Medical and Surgical Devices
  • 研发生产
  • R&D
  • 陶瓷装饰工艺品
  • 砂磨机配件
  • 陶瓷棒和管材
  • 嵌入装置用电绝缘体
  • 电绝缘体用零部件
  • 工业机械用切刀和耐磨件
  • 汽缸和活塞
  • 冲压和挤出零部件
  • Decorative ceramics
  • Sand Mill Parts
  • Ceramic Rods and Tubes
  • Electrical Insulators for Feedthroughs
  • ESD-Safe Tweezers
  • Electrical Insulator Parts
  • Cutters and Wear-Resistant Parts for Industrial Machinery
  • Cylinders & Pistons
  • Pressed and Extruded Parts
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