CPMIC Company

We have spent more than 7 years on developing, producing and processing Precision zirconia ceramic. Because zirconia ceramic has good wearability, hardness, anti-acid-base and low thermal conductivity, it’s widely used in oil, chemistry, electric and mechanic industry, but the traditional zirconia ceramic dry-press technology can only be used in products molding and post-process stage, so that the products can not be satisfied with customers’ various needs.More...

CPMIC Products Info

With a team of experienced engineers and full range of manufacturing facilities, Compomax also provides other products and services such as custom-made parts, worn out parts refurbishment and special design modules/assemblies according to the requirement from our customers.


Specialize in Zirconia parts(Pressing,sintering and machining)

CPMIC fully utilizes unique characteristics of structural ceramics, developed and manufactured various ceramic parts, which can be used in many severe service applications, including the civil and industrial lines.